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Machines including cross-cut off machine, double end trim saw, cross-cut off the machine, notching machine, automatic nailing machine, etc.

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Address: No.237, Wan Nian Quan Road, Li Cang District, Qing Dao City, Shan Dong Province.

CrossCut Off Machine (SF6060)


Model SF6060
Cutting length Max. 2m/ 4m/ 6m
Cutting height 10-120mm
Cutting width 30- 200mm
Cutting section Max. 120*150mm/100*200mm
Feeding speed 5-30m/min
Cutting speed 40pcs/min
Blade diameter 450mm*30mm
Cutter spindle rotation speed 3000rpm
Servo drive motor power 0.75kw
Cutting motor power 7,5kw/11HP
Total power 8.5kw
Pressing method Cylinder, air pressure 0.5-0.7Mpa
Cutting tolerance In +/-1mm

Double End Trim Saw (SF6023)

Cutting length 500-1500mm
Cut off length Left max. 95mm, right side o limit
Cutting thickness Max. 120mm
Cutting width Max. 200mm
Feeding speed Fixed 20m/min
Saw blade diameter Inside Ø30-outside Ø450-120T
Cutting tolerance Less than 1mm
Cutting motor 4*2kw
Cutting motor rotation speed 2830RPM
Feeding motor 2.2kw
Total motor power 12.2kw
Voltage 380V, 3PHASE, 50HZ (can customized as your demand)
Exhaust duct Dia. 100mm*2pc
Machine packing dimension 2920*2220*1750mm
Machine weight 800kg

Chamfer Machine (SF703)

SF703 Wood pallet chamfer machine
Cutting motor 4kw
Convey servo motor 1kw
Hydraulic motor 2.2kw
Total motor 7.2kw
Voltage 380v 50Hz 3phase
Cutter type 45° V milling cutter, left and right
Working length 600-1500mm
Working thickness 17-35mm
Working width 80-150mm
Productivity 500-700pc/h
Hydraulic pressure 0.4-0.5Mpa
Control system Siemens
Machine dimension 4450*800*1400mm
Packing dimension 3220*960*1700mm
Machine weight 880kg

Notching Machine (SF7013)

Wood pallet notching machine
Model SF7011 single head SF7013 double head
Operator needed 1 person
Power Cutter motor 15kw Cutter motor, 2*15kw=30kw
Feeding motor, 0.75kw
Width adjustment motor,0.75kw
Total power, 31.5kw
Voltage 380V 3Phase 50Hz. Can customized, with extra cost $200
Wood length 800-1350mm 800-1900mm
Notching thickness Max. 150mm
Notching depth Max. 65mm adjustable Max. 70mm adjustable
Notching width Max. 304.8mm adjustable Max. 370mm adjustable
Number of cutting blades 2pc side +14pc middle 2pc side +14pc middle
Notching speed 600pc/hour 1200-1800pc/h
Tolerance ≤1mm ≤1mm
Net dimension L*W*H 1350*980*1100mm 2450*1600*1550mm
Net Weight 800kg 1400kg
Control system Siemens PLC Siemens PLC
Exhaust duct 1pc diameter 150mm 2pc diameter 150mm
Cutter type Indexable
Cutting arc 25.4mm


Automatic Nailing Machine (SF901)

SF901 automatic stringer wood pallet nailing machine
Pallet type Stringer/American pallets
Pallet width 600-1500mm
Pallet length 700-1500mm
Pallet height 80-150mm
Stringer height 70-130mm
Stringer width 30-50mm, +/-3mm tolerance
Foot & roof board thickness 10-25mm
Productivity 1000pc/8h shift (For 1*1m pallet)
Nailing gun 4pc MAX CN70
Coil nails 3000 nails/coil, 45-70mm length,
Gantry servo motor 1.5KW
Hydraulic motor 2.2KW
Stack motor 0.37KW*2
Discharging table power 2.2kw
Total power 6.7KW
Machine working power Max. 4.5KW
Voltage 380v 50HZ 3 phase
Air pressure 7-8kg/cm2
Air tank volume in machine 0.3 cubic meters
Extra Air tank volume


prepared by buyer

2-3 cubic meters
Air compressor required Min. 2 cubic meters/min
Electric components Schneider brand
Pneumatic components Airtac brand
PLC, touch screen Siemens
Machine dimension 15m*2.5m*2.6m (L*W*H)
Machine weight 7000kg

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