Wood Multi Blade Rip Saw Machine


1.Professional solutions, large quantities of wood, material specifications, and other wood materials multi-chip sawed.

2. Saw spindle is made from special material and specially processed for high precision, excellent durability, and longer service life.

3. Both saw spindle and pressure rollers are provided with safety limit devices to avoid machine damage due to the false operation.

4. Saw blade spacer is finely ground for accuracy up to 0.01mm.

Specification MJ250 MJ300
Max working width 250mm 300mm
Max working thickness 80mm 80mm
Feeding speed 5-18m 5-18
Saw blade diameter 300mm 300mm
Saw spindle motor 22kw 22kw
Lifting motor 0.37kw 0.37kw
Transportation system motor 0.75kw 0.75kw
Total power 25.32kw 25.32kw
Saw spindle speed 4000r/min 4000r/min
Vapor pressure steam source 0.5MPa 0.5MPa
Saw spindle diameter 50mm 50mm
Overall dimensions 3076*1250*1600mm 3076*1250*1600mm

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