Why is there such a big price difference between different pallets?

Weight of plastic trays

Significantly, the larger the pallet weight, the more raw materials used, the higher the price.


The color of the tray can be tailored to the customer’s needs, just add the corresponding color master material can be (common blue, metacolor, green, red, etc.)

Raw materials

It can be divided into virgin material and recycled material. Their prices are very different.

The proportion of recycled material

A recycled material tray is a tray that adds a certain proportion of recycled raw materials;

The greater the proportion of recycled materials, the lower the cost and the lower the price.


Some pallets need to be formed after welding and other processes, the cost is of course higher.

In addition, the cost will be significantly increased when pallets added the anti-slip bars, steel pipes, RFID (built-in chips), or other pallets.

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