Water Retention Gel/Crystal for Plants

Brief introduction

This article is about water retention gel for plants, water retention gardening gel, water retention crystals for plants.


Water Retention Gel/Crystal for Plants (What is it?)

It is a non-toxic environmental protection material with a granule appearance;

It can absorb lots of water;

After absorption, it becomes a water gel form.;

Water gel would release water to plants when it’s drought;

After releasing, water gel would become granule form and could absorb water again for plants.

Applications (where to use?)

For Seed

To improve seed germination & emergence, give plants an early, healthy start.

For Crops

To improve the drought resistance and increase the yield.

For Trees

Fruiter: increase the yield and reduce the fruit cracking rate;

Young or transplanted trees: increase the survival rate.

For Landscape & Golf Grass

To control the cost by reducing irrigation frequency.

How Does It work?

Water Side

It can absorb and store water for plants — just like a mini-reservoir.

Soil Side

1. improve the water retention of soil;

2. keep the soil warm (as water’s high heat capacity);

3. loosen the soil (water retention gel’s going to swell while absorbing water).

Fertilizer Side

1. It contains potassium;

2. It can release fertilizer efficiency slowly.

Water Holding Capacity Test?

Test Objective
Performance Study in varying soil classifications.

Sample Volumes Used
Soil:500ml; Water:750ml; PackRain: 5 grams.

Test Samples:

Sample Type % Sand % Silt % Clay Control weight (g) w/PackRain (g)
1 Sand 100 0 0 762 769
2 Silt Loam 37 40 24 615 626
3 Clay Loam 30 48 22 407 400


Test Result:

Type Test Water passing (ml) Water retaining (ml) % retained % increase
Sand control 425 325 43. 3
w/PackRain 150 600 50 85
Silt Loam control 275 475 63. 3
w/PackRain 100 650 86 37
Clay Loam control 352 398 53. 1
w/PackRain 200 550 73. 3 38



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