Water Retaining Polymer

Water retaining polymer’s appearance

It’s a white granule form before absorbing water.
After absorbing (plenty water), its granule form becomes water gel form.

How does it work for plants?

Soil is so important to plants. And water retaining polymer can improve soil:

  • Increase soil’s water retention ability.

It can hundreds of times its weight in distilled water. So the soil mixed with it can be much improved on water-retaining ability.

  • Loose soil.

It is going to expand (and become water gel) when meets water.

And when water gel releases water to plants, it becomes a much smaller granule form.

  • Keep warm

Cause the water’s high heat capacity, the soil mixed with water gel can keep plants warm.

  • Releasing Fertilizer slowly

It can help soil absorbing more fertilizer liquid and release them slowly.


in agriculture

  • Crops/fruit tree: to increase yield;
  • Seeds: to increase the survival and germination rate;

in golf lawn

  • Grass: to reduce the water frequency;

in streetscape / horticulture

  • to help plants grow better (beautiful);
  • to reduce the water frequency.

Better choose — Pack Rain

Pack Rain is improved water retaining polymer.

  • The effect lasts for years.
    Most water retaining polymer’s Genuine effect period is 1-3 months.
  • Eco-Products.
    Pack Rain can break down to Potassium, form ammonia, form water, and carbon dioxide.
    Tip: Some water retaining polymer contains sodium polyacrylate which brings soil alkalization.
  • Harmless.
    Totally harmless to humans.
    Tip: some water-retaining polymer contains acrylamide which causes cancer.

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