Usages list of super absorbent polymer – Get to know it !

What’s a super absorbent polymer (SAP)?

SAP is a water-absorbing material.


1、Its main ingredient is sodium polyacrylate or potassium polyacrylate.

2、Its appearance is white powder or granule. Some special SAP can be brown or black.

3、It can absorb inorganic solution (like water); One-gram SAP can absorb hundreds grams purified water.

4、After absorbing, SAP powder will turn into water gel and lock water strongly.

Process of Absorbing (video)

Usages of Super absorbent polymer

Different usages, SAP’s characteristics will be quite different.

For example,

SAP for paper diaper:

As a water absorbing material, its water gel will be never to release water until decomposed in few weeks;

SAP for plants:

As a water retaining agent, it will absorb & release water in soil last for months (Pack Rain will last for years) and won’t be decomposed.

List of all SAP’s usages (according to function)

As a water-retaining gel: water retaining agent for plants

As a water/moisture absorption material

  • paper diaper
  • sanitary napkin
  • nursing pad
  • oil-water separation
  • desiccant agent
  • anti-foggy agent
  • waterproof paint

As a human physiological adaptation of material

  • cell material
  • artificial skin
  • contact lenses

As a thermal insulation material

  • ice bag
  • ice towel
  • ice pillow
  • thermal storage agent

As a water blocking material

  • inflatable sandbag
  • waterproof for cable

As an expanding material

  • inflatable toy
  • inflatable rubber

As a moisture insulating material: concrete protection

As a gel material: aromatic

As a thickening material: cosmetics

As a transparent material

  • artificial vitreous body
  • optical lens

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