SAP for Plants

What Is Agriculture Grade SAP (Ag-sap)?

SAP is widely used in every aspects of our life. And different uses, different SAP types to choose.

Some differences between plant type, diaper type  and cable type SAP for your reference:

Types of SAP Use Differences
Type for plants to retaining water As a water-retaining agent, it will absorb & release water in the soil last for months (Pack Rain will last for years) and won’t be decomposed.
Type for diapers to absorb urine As a water-absorbing material, its water gel will never release water until decomposed in few weeks.

So, the agriculture grade SAP should has these important points:

It should absorb and contain water in soil;

It should release water back to plants when it’s drought;

After releasing water, it should absorb water again.

How does SAP help the plants?

Absorb & store water when it’s raining;

Release water to plants when it’s drought.

Further, agriculture grade SAP play an important role in:

water side, it can absorb and store water for plants – like a mini-reservoir.

soil side, it can

  • improve the retention of soil and water;
  • keep the soil warm (as water’s high heat capacity);
  • loosen the soil (ag-sap’s going to swell while absorbing).

fertilizer side, it

  • contains potassium;
  • can release the fertilizer efficiency slowly.

But, it seems not easy to purchase a reliable Ag-sap.

To clearly know Ag-sap, here’s the list of all types you can find in marketing.

Types Class/Brand Main ingredient Basic retaining function Effective period Harmful substance
industrial grade sap fake ag-sap sodium polyacrylate no (no releasing water) ≤ 1 week acrylamide
agriculture grade SAP low-quality ag-sap sodium polyacrylate yes 1-3 months acrylamide
agriculture grade SAP common quality ag-sap potassium polyacrylate yes 1-3 months acrylamide
agriculture grade SAP common quality ag-sap potassium polyacrylate yes ≤ 1 month none
agriculture grade SAP PackRain (high quality) potassium polyacrylate yes 3-5 years none


  • Profiteers sell fake Ag-sap cause the low price;
  • About “the main ingredient”, sodium polyacrylate  will cause soil salinization (potassium polyacrylate won’t);
  • “Basic retaining function” means water retaining & releasing ability;
  • Effective period means how long is the Ag-sap working in soil;
  •  Acrylamide. It’s a kind of cancerogenic substance.

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