Must know before purchasing the cheap plastic pallets

Composition of pallets’ price

The pallets’ weight and the unit price of raw material are the two factors that determine the total pallets’ price.

For example, a 10-kilogram plastic pallet’s price may be about 15 dollars if its raw material costs USD1.5 /kilogram.

Disadvantages of cheap pallets

Poor bearing capacity

The lightweight or recycle raw material will cause the poor bearing capacity of plastic pallets.


The recycled material is not traceable, unavoidable potential safety menace has been brought.


The recycle-material-pallets are more fragile than pallets of 100% virgin material.

Common uses of cheap pallets

The disposable pallet (like export pallets) are the main usages of cheap pallets.

Here’re all the uses of plastic pallets

Export Pallets
Economy Pallets
Stackable Plastic Pallet
Industrial Pallets
Heavy Duty Pallet
Solid Top Rackable Pallets
Rackable Plastic Pallet
Plastic Drum Pallets
Spill Containment Pallets
Spill Containment Pallets

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