Potassium polyacrylate field test : oat

Brief introduction

This is a field test report about potassium polyacrylate for oat in Argentina.

Field Test Condition

LOCATION: Argentina


Seed depth: 4 cm;

WATER RETAINER AGENT: SAP From Pack Rain (Potassium Polyacrylate Type)

Hydrogel depth: 5/6 inches


5 passes are made with oats:

10 Days Later

84 mm rain in the next 10 days after planting and good hydration of SAP is observed.

15 Days Later

In the next 15 days about 86 mm more rain and a good radicle development is observed, as well as much of the hydrogel in the roots.

Rain in the coming days 55mm abruptly. It is observed that the soil is a very
tight and compacted.
While there are almost no differences between the two trials made direct seeding,

A Month Later

90 mm more rain.

15 Days Later

60 mm more rain.

you can see further development and intensity of leaf color in the past where semidirect was held, is greater root development.


“These last pictures are from last week and are to reap almost. After we move the machine to harvest, the yields of oats with Pack Rain increased almost 60%, which is far excited than we expect.”

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