How to extend the life of wooden pallets?

Types of pallets

Wooden pallets

Made of wood or bamboo, it is generally used for crafts or decoration.

Metal pallets

The general texture is stainless steel, which is often used for placing items and does not move often.

Plastic pallets

Due to its lightweight, easy to use, and anti-slip function, it is mostly used in the service industry.

Plastic wood pallets

Made of plastic wood composite material, it is widely used, energy-saving, and pollution reduction.


Due to the high efficiency, safety, and stability of pallet operations, various countries have developed a variety of special pallets. Such as flat glass pallets, tire trays, long-size pallets, and special pallets for oil drums.

Advantages of wooden pallets

Among all the trays, the wooden pallets have a very good performance and can be reused.

The wooden pallet specifications can be customized, no need for how to mold, and easy to take.

Beautiful appearance.

The wooden pallet customization has a strong bearing capacity and is firm and practical.

Wood pallet customization is also advantageous in terms of price.

Extend the life of wooden pallets

In order to make the pallets safe for long-term use, it is desirable to use the pallets correctly as follows:

– Wood pallets should be customized to avoid exposure to sunlight, so as not to cause aging and shorten the service life.

– Reasonably determine how the goods are stacked in the pallet. Place the goods evenly, do not concentrate on stacking, eccentric stacking. The pallet carrying the heavy objects should be placed on a flat surface or on the surface of the object.

– It is strictly forbidden to throw the tray from a high place to avoid the broken and cracked tray caused by the violent impact.

– When working in a forklift or manual hydraulic truck, the fork thorn should be placed on the outside of the fork hole of the pallet as much as possible. The fork thorn should be fully inserted into the tray, and the angle can be changed after the tray is lifted smoothly. The fork must not hit the side of the tray to avoid cracking and cracking the tray.

– Shelf-type pallets must be used when racking on pallets. The custom load capacity of wooden pallets is determined according to the shelf structure, and overloading is strictly prohibited.

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