How much are plastic pallets worth indeed?

The factors that determine the price

1. Raw material

There’re three kinds of materials:

a. 100% virgin material – the price is about USD 1.6-1.8 / kilogram.

b. Recycled material – the price is about USD 1-1.2 / kilogram.

c. The mixture of 100% virgin and recycled material – the price is about USD 1.2-1.6 / kilogram.

2. The weight of pallets

The heavier the weight, the higher the price.

3. Other

Special-purpose customization can generate price spillovers.

How do you know that the material of pallets is new or recycle?

Normally, the color of 100% virgin material pallets is much bright-colored than mixed / recycle material pallets.

And here’re little tips:

All of the white plastic pallets are 100% virgin plastic pallets. (the recycle material pallet can not be white)

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