Easy to know super absorbent polymer for plants

*This article is about super absorbent polymer for plants, potassium polyacrylate, Ag-SAP, water-retaining agent.

Super absorbent polymer (SAP)

Super absorbent polymer is a powerful water absorption material.

One-gram SAP can absorb hundreds of grams’ water.

After absorbing, powder from SAP comes into gel form.

Types of SAP (by usages)

SAP for Plants (Ag-SAP)

Just like a mini-reservoir, Ag-SAP can keep retaining & releasing water for plants.

SAP for Hygiene product

As a powerful absorption material, SAP is widely used in producing diapers, sanitary towels, nursing pads, etc.

SAP for Industry production

With strong modified potential, SAP can be used everywhere of production.

As a thermal insulation material: ice bags, ice towels, ice pillow, etc.

As a water blocking material: inflatable sandbags, waterproof for cable, etc.

As an expanding material: inflatable toy, inflatable rubber, etc.

As a moisture insulating material: concrete protection.

And so on. . .

Super absorbent polymer for plants

Ag-SAP can increase the water holding capacity of soil by absorbing & releasing water in the soil.

Tips about super absorbent polymer for plants (Ag-SAP):

Ag-SAP’s main component is potassium polyacrylate (not sodium polyacrylate);

Ag-SAP’s valid period should be last for months;

Ag-SAP would be resolved into potassium, urea, water, and carbon dioxide.

waterside, it can absorb and store water for plants – like a mini-reservoir.

soil side, it can

improve the retention of soil and water;

keep the soil warm (as water’s high heat capacity);

loosen the soil (ag-sap’s going to swell while absorbing).

fertilizer side, it

contains potassium;

can release the fertilizer efficiency slowly.

Mainly applications

Common crops

To increase crops and fruit yield (increased 70% for melon planting in California).


To improve seed germination & emergence rate.

Gardening, horticulture, landscape, lawn, and golf course

To reduce the water frequency.


To increase the survival rate.

How to choose super absorbent polymer for plants

ClassMain ingredientBasic retaining functionEffective periodHarmful substance
Fake ag-sapsodium polyacrylateno (no releasing water)≤ 1 weekacrylamide
Low-quality ag-sapsodium polyacrylateyes1-3 monthsacrylamide
Common quality ag-sappotassium polyacrylateyes1-3 monthsacrylamide
Common quality ag-sappotassium polyacrylateyes≤ 1 monthnone
Pack Rain-high qualitiespotassium polyacrylateyes3-5 yearsnone


① “main ingredient”, sodium polyacrylate  will cause soil salinization (potassium polyacrylate won’t);

② “basic retaining function” means water retaining & releasing ability;

③ “effective period” means how long is the Ag-sap working in soil;

④ “fake Ag-sap“: profiteers sell fake Ag-sap cause the low price;

⑤ acrylamide: it’s a kind of cancerogenic substance.

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