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CNC router C4-02


Suitable for high-production mode, is an economic and efficient processing equipment.

The worktable can be directly adsorbed on the whole board, without any trimming preparation.

Suitable for milling and drilling compound processing production mode, belonging to precision and high efficiency processing equipment.

Equipped with any combination of drilling, drilling, drilling, and other multi-function drilling mode.

Technical Parameters

Model C4-02 cnc router
Working Table Dimension 1220x2440mmx2pcs
X Y Z Working Area 5850*1780*300mm
Top And Bottom Stroke Of Spindle 150mm
Workpiece Height 70mm
Max Moving Speed X axis :60m/min

Y axis:60m/min

Z axis:15m/min

Spindle Type Manual change air cooling spindle
Main Shaft Speed 3000 – 18000 RPM
Vacuum Area 4 vacuum areas
High-Frequency Spindle Horsepower 1X6KW + 3X3.5KW
Vacuum Pumping Horsepower 10HP(7.5KW)-250m 3 /h
CNC Controller Syntec
Standard Configuration Toolbox, equipment operation manual
Software E- wood software

Machine’s features

Use Taiwan PMI precision ball screw and linear slide manufacturing, high precision, heavy-duty and long service life.

X & Y-axis drive with Japan SHIMPO Reducer

FAM 9pcs drilling packaging

movable type positioning cylinder with an infrared sensor will automatically alarm if the cylinder does not return to its original position.

Germany Herion precision high-precision rack, and Taiwan guider with high-speed displacement positioning accuracy, and transmission low noise. Max moving speed up to 60 M / min moving max processing speed up to 30 m/ min.

High rigidity structure design, and the material stress analysis and tempering, ensure the machine’s accuracy non deformation.

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