Automatic Wood CNC Spray Painting Machine

CNC Spray Painting Machine – SPM1300

cnc spray painting machine


This machine is applicable to the front and four sides of plate-type workpieces such as panel furniture, solid wood doors, cabinet door panels, decorative panels, calcium silicate boards, glass magnesium boards, and cement fiberboards. For PU/NC/UV/water-based paints, fluorocarbon paints, etc.

Continuous high-quality automatic spray painting improves product quality and production efficiency while reducing paint loss, saving production costs.

Transport and Clean recycling system

  • The main steel structure adopts bending and jointing of cool roll steel plates.
  • The transport belt is made of PU material, with high abrasion and chemical eroding resistance. All the loading conveyors, spraying conveyors,s and unloading conveyors are belt types.
  • The driving roller of the transport belt adopts a waist-drum type design to prevent the belt deviation effectively.
  • The newest designed transport belt cleaning system can keep the belt clean and tidy better and ensure the equipment continue working. At the same time, it also reduces the maintenance cost and makes the max. usage of the paint, especially for the reclaimed paint, such as UV.
  • There are four working procedures for the belt cleaning system which ensure to make the belt cleaning.
  • The paint that has been removed from the belt is conveyed automatically into the vessel and some kinds of paint can be reused by this reclaim system and cleaning system.

Spraying system

  • The reciprocating mechanism is driven by the servo motor timing belt, along the high-speed linear guide to do high-speed reciprocating motion, the speed can reach 110m / min. Each sprayer is equipped with two reciprocating mechanisms. All electrical control systems are used in Germany Siemens or Japan Omron products.
  • According to the size and thickness of the workpiece to adjust the height, width, angle, can effectively control the amount of paint spray and delivery speed, so that the side of the film even no sagging.
  • The machine is equipped with two reciprocating robots, can be installed up to 8 guns, according to the production process to determine the angle of the gun and the number of guns open. To achieve uniform spraying to improve product quality. Two sets of pipes can be independent.
  • The grating automatic width measurement system at the entrance can automatically measure the width of the workpiece to be sprayed, making the stroke and switching time of the gun more accurate and reducing unnecessary waste. The grating is made of American Banner products
  • The switch of the gun is based on the scanning of the workpiece, by spraying the sensor at the area of the sensor to achieve
  • Spray parameters set by the operator on the touch-screen display, using Siemens Omron imported products
  • PLC control system makes the operation easier, direct, the use of Siemens or Omron import products

Air circulation system

  • Air inlet configuration A 3KW pressure air blower can be individually switched to effectively prevent the paint mist from spreading.
  • The air entering the spray chamber has been filtered twice to keep the air in the spray chamber clean.
  • An exhaust fan with a 7.5kw large horsepower fan effectively ruled out the spray chamber paint mist.
  • The exhaust system on the paint indoor air 2 times, so that the exhaust gas harmful to the human body to minimize the chemical content, in line with environmental requirements.

Details real photos

cnc spray painting machine -2

Technical parameter

Model No. SPM1300
Length 300-No limit
Width 20-1300mm
Thickness 5-80mm
Spraying gun(kremlin) 8pcs
Pump (kremlin) 2pcs
Max. Feeding speed 6m/min
Air pressure 0.5-0.8 M pa
Total power 14.5kw
Voltage 380V/50HZ/3P
Weight 3000kg
Overall dimension 4800*6700*2650mm

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