10 Tips to Double the life of plastic plastic

If the plastic pallet is used in accordance with the correct use specifications, in addition to being able to play its full role, it can also extend its service life, saving the purchase cost of plastic pallets.

  1.  In order to facilitate the use of mechanical handling and transportation, plastic pallets should be piled up with appropriate strapping and wrapping.
  2. A plastic pallet should be placed lightly to avoid uneven force and damage when landing.
  3. It is strictly forbidden to throw plastic trays from high places to avoid breaking and cracking the pallets due to violent impacts.
  4. When using handling equipment, you should consider whether the different size is suitable for the use of this plastic tray, avoid the size of the wrong, to break the plastic tray.
  5. When placing goods, should be placed evenly, to avoid lifting handling, side crooking occurs.
  6. It is strictly forbidden to throw goods from high places in plastic pallets.
  7. When working with a forklift or manual hydraulic truck, the fork stabs are as far as possible to the outside of the tray fork hole, the fork stab should be all into the tray, smoothly lift the tray before changing the angle. Forks must not hit the side of the tray to avoid breaking and cracking the tray.
  8. When stacking, consider the load on the bottom side of the pallet.
  9. When pallets are on the shelves, they must use shelf-type pallets, and the carrying capacity of plastic pallets is based on the shelf structure, and overloading is strictly prohibited.
  10. The plastic pallet should avoid exposure to sunlight, so as not to cause aging and shorten service life.

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